1.Providing for

Nemo Shipping provides on crewing related activity a complete scheme for any of the following type of vessels:
  • Tankers of all sizes and types, starting with small tankers and continuing with MR product tankers (including ice class);
  • Suezmaxes
  • Aframax
  • VLCC
  • General cargo and bulk carriers of all sizes and type of construction, including multipurpose vessels or self served vessels.
  • RO-RO
  • Container vessels of all sizes and types.
  • Passenger and Ferryboat vessels, including hotel/restaurant /bar crew. 

Repair teams to any destination in the world where it is practical possible, teams consisting in:
  • Masters or chief engineers specialized in troubleshooting difficult situations or psc, uscg, flag, oil major inspections;
  • Engineers and electronic engineers;
  • Mechanics, welders and fitters;
  • Cleaning and demucking teams, painters and blasters or special skills personnel required by our owners, principals, partners.

2. Recruitment and Appointments

  • Seafarers or personnel existing within our database are scheduled for the next employment as soon a position is offered by our owners or principals.
    • The personal documents· of all above will be rechecked for validity and updates.
    • The person in subject will be fully informed and prepared for an interview within our office in order to establish the suitability and preparedness for the job.
    • A CES 4.1 test will be followed by seafarers and then documentation to the requirement of imo/stcw/isps/ilo/flag will be prepared and forwarded to owners for final approval.
    • Answer to application will be given within 7 days.
Every seaman of any rank and position, or person applying for a job within our office for the first time will be required :
  • To fill up an application as displayed on our site, showing the validity of certificates and licenses as required by imo/stcw-95,
  • The sea service details within the past 5 years,
  • And in addition will present the criminal record (cazier) from local police department as a proof of his/her clean history.
As above appointment procedure will be then followed.

After the appointment is given “green light”, the recruit will then follow the:

  1. prejoining medical check .
  2. Visa obtaining procedures(where required).
  3. Prejoining familiarization in our offices or at the requirement of the owners ,at main office of owners/operators.
Documents and costs involved:
  • In all cases, the personal documents and national licenses, IMO courses, criminal record as well passport type photos are to be presented by applicants at their own expenses.
  • The flag required documents, visas, transport to/from airport or other required expenses within national territory, in some cases are supported by our principals, some are required to be supported by seaman/or person involved.
  • The seaman or recruit will be informed of all the extra expenses in advance of application being followed to owners.
  • Back payments and allotments in all cases are settled between owner and recruit directly once at working location or on board vessel.

“Nemo shipping” does not require or pretend any payments/benefits from recruits, applicants or candidates .